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99 City Discount Stores

99 Depot Discount Stores

99 Dream Discount Stores

A & J Sebara Supermarkets

ACE Hardware Stores

AIM Stores 

Bargain Hunters Discount Stores

Bergament Deptment Stores

Bobby’s Department Stores

BP Gas Stations

Cousins Supermarkets ( in PA )

El Pueblo - Supermarkets

Fat Albert’s Discount Stores

Fresh Grocer Supermarkets (in PA)

Freshco Supermarkets

Freshtown Supermarkets

Gem Discount Stores

Gem Stores

General Trading Wholesale

IGA - Supermarkets

Jacks Discount Stores

Jetro Cash & Carry

Krasdale Wholesale

Mazon Discount Stores

National Whole Sale Liquidators -

NSA Supermarkets

President Supermarkets

Presidente Supermarkets - ( In Fla )

Pueblo ( Puerto Rico )

Sedano’s Supermarkets ( in Fla )

Sedano’s Supermarkets ( In Fla )

Shop N Bag Super Markets

Super Super Supermarkets

Thirftway Supermarkets

Trade Fare Supermarkets

Tru Value Hardware

Wal Mart ( Puerto Rico )

Walgreens ( Puerto Rico )

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  • Ready to use
  • Pre-loadedbait station
  • Odorless

  • Kills bedbugs, dust mites & fleas
  • For indoor use
  • Long lasting control
  • Fast knockdown